Price List

Price List


Acupuncture & Herbal Treatment

Registration:  £10 (first time only for herbal treatment)

Consultation:  Free

Acupuncture:  £30 / Session

Acupunture + Cupping:  £35 / Session

Course treatment available:

5 Sessions + 1 Free
8 Sessions + 2 Free
10 Sessions + 3 Free

Chinese Herbal Tea:  £35 / per prescription

"I suffered neck and shoulder pain for years. After I took acupuncture and massage treatment from Chinese Herbal Medicine Centre in Clapham Junction, I felt great and my back pain has gone." - Amy

"I am 39 years old, trying for a baby for 2 years. With my complication, I thought I would never be pregnant again. I was recommended acupuncture treatment and herbs.  After 3 months treatment, I became pregnant and gave birth to twins." - Rachel


Neck, Shoulder, Back (upper body) From £25 / 30mins

Full body:  £35 / 45mins

Full body:  From £40 / 60mins


Sooth muscle tension and alleviating stress, improving circulation.

     £25 / 30mins
     £40 / 60mins

Detox Massage

Cleansing detoxing, and refreshing the body and mind - particularly after a period of over-indulgence or heavy party-going.

     £30 / 30mins
     £45 / 60mins


Relaxing, alleviating stress and increasing overall mental and physical well-being. 

     £30 / 30mins
     £45 / 60mins

Chinese Massage (deep tissue)

Alleviating acute and chronic pain - especially back pain, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injuries - such as those from sports, driving or using a computer

     £30 / 30mins
     £45 / 60mins

Sports Massage

Sports massage treatment is targeted for optimum performance in a wide range of sports.  The therapist and client work together to eliminate muscle soreness, reduce recovery times, improve flexibility, and prevent further sports and occasional injuries.

     £30 / 30mins
     £50 / 60mins 

Swedish / Holistic Massage

Delicate or mature bodies, those who want a comforting and soothing experience, or as an introduction to gentle relaxation for those who have bodywork infrequently or who are new to money.

Thai Massage  £40 / 60mins

Stone Massage  £50 / 60mins

4 Hands Massage  £80 / 60mins

Swedish / Holistic Massage

Beauty & Skin Care
(Basic Facial Care with Chinese Herbs)

    £30 / 30mins 
    £45 / 60mins

Deep Cleansing or Anti-Acne Treatment
(with Chinese natural herbs)

    £30 / 30mins
    £45 / 60mins

Ear Candles Treatment    £30

Help to regulate the pressure in the head and ears if your suffering from the condition such as cold and flu, sinusitis and headaches, ringing in the ears etc.

Allergy Test    £40

Test of over 400 items including all vitamin and mineral deficiencies and all addictives used in food and drinks.  We also test items you feel are causing problems.  E.g. Medication; work material etc.


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      Tel: 020 7924 5388
      96 St John's Road,
      Clapham Junction,
      London, SW11 1PX
    • Mon – Sat: 10.00AM – 9.00PM
      Sunday: 10.30AM – 8.00PM